Filmsim is a form of role play/re-enactment, where the contributing members/players can use Airsoft weapons to 'act out' pre-organised and dynamic military scenarios, such to create an involvement and experience like participating in a movie story-line. Filmsim is however a broad term, which can encompass a wide variety of scenarios such as Military Re-enactments, Murder Mystery and situation simulation.

Filmsim covers a variety of different areas of Role-play and Re-enactment. Players and organisers strive to create the right balance between the level of authenticity expected from a 'Re-enactment' (which usually involves an accurate portrayal to fellow players and members of the public) and Live Action Role Play or 'LARP' (which involves heavy character involvement and acting the part)

Filmsim is Creating a fictional story in which you and the other participants are the stars set in a world where the normal laws of time, physics an causality may be exaggerated or reduced for dramatic effect.

History and OriginEdit

The term Filmsim, and the format of the games was originally coined by Gunman Airsoft as a corruption to the 'milsim games which occupied the airsoft community back in 2007. Filmsim was to facilitate a break from the hardcore and strict approach to games which Milsim events had to offer, and has since grown from encapsulating World War 2 themed games, to include Vietnam, Cold War, Post Apocalyptic Wastelander and Wild West themed games since.

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